Bo Liu

Associate Professor
Department of Computer Science
3101P Shelby Center for Engineering Technology
Auburn University
Auburn, AL 36849-5347

Associate Editor, IEEE Trans. on Neural Networks and Learning Systems

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Prospective Ph.D. Students:
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Prospective PostDoctoral Researchers:
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Important Note: If you are interested in working with us, the best thing to do is to read several of our recent papers to get a sense of our research and figure out mutual interest. Please understand that we receive a lot of emails/applications, and we may not be able to respond to inquiries that do not exhibit a clear match.

PhD student

Daoming Lyu: working on reinforcement learning and neural-symoblic AI. He's on the job market!
Hugh Kwon: working on trusworthy machine learning models.
Bhargav Joshi: working on spiking neural networks.
Liangliang Xu: working on reinforcement learning.
Ali Murad: working on high-dimensional multitask learning and transfer learning.

M.S student

Ahila Muthuswamy
Vinika Gupta (co-advised with Dr. Yin Bao)


Nirmit Patel (Outstanding Master Student Award 2019 winner). Currently, Walmart labs, AR
Xinning Wang. Currently, Assistant Professor, Ocean University of China